The next NARLFEST will be in 2017.

That's right, no hamfest for Newington, CT in 2016.

The NARL hamfest committee is taking a year off to completely redesign the event and to leave more than a year to organize an all-new event.

Instead of the traditional flea market, we are planning an all-original

Here are some of the suggestions we received after the 2015 Narlfest, which we plan to put into effect:

  • Change the date
  • Change the venue
  • Get more vendors
  • Get different speakers
  • Change the seminar contents
  • Change food vendors
  • offer e-commerce for advanced ticket sales
  • Better parking management
  • More advanced publicity including traditional and social media
  • Arrange group travel with other clubs
  • Seek alternate revenue streams (grants, crowd funding, etc)

Check this site from time to time, to see what original seminar topics we are planning.

To suggest a speaker or topic, send email to

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